Manicure & Pedicure Implements

MPI-0340Corn and Callus Rasp
MPI-0341Corn and Callus Rasp
MPI-0342Corn and Callus Rasp
MPI-0343Corn and Callus Rasp Stainless steel
MPI-0344Corn and Callus Rasp Stainless steel
MPI-0345Corn and Callus Rasp
MPI-0346Replacement Blades
MPI-0347 - 48Shaving Razor with Disposable Blade
MPI-0349 - 50Shaving Razor with Solid Blade
MPI-0351 - 52Shaving Razor with Disposable Blade
MPI-0353Leather Barber Strap
MPI-0354Stainless steel Sharper Blades
MPI-0355Hair Sharper
MPI-0356Hair Sharper
MPI-0357Classic Shaver
MPI-0358Vintage Safety Razor
MPI-0359Hair Sharper
MPI-0360Multi Professional Styling Razor
MPI-0361Hair Sharper
MPI-0362Hair Sharper